Experience A Workout That Will Change Your Life

Our routines are designed to give a detailed, total-body workout that lifts your spirits and self-esteem. Strike training will help you put down an opponent or develop more confidence in yourself. You will learn the fundamentals and proper stance, footwork, and form. Striking is more than just a punch - it will empower your combat skills and help you develop acute muscle memory, better speed, and mental focus. As you get fitter physically, you and your body feel better!

Get Hands-on Coaching and Stay Active

For athletes looking to perform, Montgomery BJJ provides high-level coaching to help you achieve your goals. Professor Miguel operated high-level jiu-jitsu and MMA tournaments. Professor Miguel also taught and learned from ADCC Champions, IBJJF World Champions, and UFC veterans. His expertise and lineage give him unparalleled knowledge to train and teach professional jiu-jitsu.

Program Instructors